C.C.O.D. Award 2019

Delou Africa’s Cultural Community Outreach Development (C.C.O.D.) award was created to recognize individuals, organizations and or businesses. The recipient of the C.C.O.D award is based on their exemplary work that enriches lives through artistic, social, academic and innovative skills. The recipient(s) is known to empower individuals, neighborhoods, and communities as well as engage, develop, enhance and invest future generations through cultural arts and education. Delou Africa is celebrating 10 years of support and gratitude. We will recognize and acknowledge key individuals who sowed the seeds to give the African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida its existence.

Delou Africa’s 2019 C.C.O.D. recipients are:

Ibrahima Dioubate
Mamadouba Camara
Mouminatou Camara
Youssouf Koumbassa
Mohamed DaCosta
Anita Macbeth
Derron Linyear

Ibrahima Dioubate

Ibrahima S. Dioubate

Ibrahima Dioubate was born in Guinea, West Africa. His lineage is Griot (oral historian) and all his family members are musicians and singers. He has been playing the balafon since he was seven years old along with the Djun-Djun, Bolon, Krin, Bote and other traditional instruments.

In 1968 Ibrahima became part of his family’s company in the village of Fria. He was then chosen from his village to join another company called Troupe Fatalla in the city of Conakry where he also played for Tempo Rhythmic directed by Mr. Mor Cire. In 1984 he traveled to Senegal and Gambia, West Africa where he was the featured balafonist for the Gambia National Troupe and the Ballet Bougarabou in Senegal.

Ibrahima managed and made balafons for his factory in Gambia. Customers from all over the world ordered, and bought his balafons. In Gambia he also had a music school called Sanyakunda and another in Senegal, Casamas called Karamba experience. He taught the Balafon, Djun-Djun Drum and other percussion instruments to people from Germany, England, Japan, United States and other foreign countries. In 2001 Ibrahima traveled with the company Ballet Bougarabou from Senegal to the United States for the World Fest. He has since played with many musical bands from other cultures, and also plays for various African drum and dance companies to further create and develop his music.

Ibrahima was the former music and historical consultant for Delou Africa Dance Ensemble where he taught traditional West African music. Ibrahima created Fatala in February 2006. Fatala means “village” the language and the people are Soussou from Guinea, West Africa. His aspirations are to educate, enlighten and teach traditional West African music. Ibrahima believes that music is the universal language that unifies different cultures.

Mamadouba Camara

Mamadouba Mohamed Camara

Mamadouba Mohamed Camara was born in the Kindia region of the West African country of Guinea. Kindia, known for it’s deep rich naturally dyed indigo cloth, was where Camara spent his first days listening and learning about the djembe drum. Camara is of the SuSu ethnic tribe.

Today, Camara is a brilliantly talented, exceptionally knowledgeable West African percussionist. Nationally, internationally, and locally Mamadouba Mohamed Camara rises to the top of the African Drum scene. Raised and groomed in the Guinea, Conakry Maatam artist district, Conakry boasts pure African music artistry. Camara, as a youth, sought out the drum Masters of Maatam, preferring to spend his days in the shadows of the National Ballet auditions and rehearsals and his nights (against the wishes of his mother), at the local  DounDounbas; traditional street festivals, where the very best showed off their talents and strength as  dancers and drummers. Today, Mamadouba Mohamed Camara offers dynamic drum workshops, intensive residencies and explosive performances in traditional and authentic West African Drum and Folklore. Recently, Camara has risen to the top of this musical genre and has been dubbed the “Master of Masters” on the Djembe Drum.  On the African continent, Camara has studied, performed and taught in the regions of Boffa, Boke, Forecariah, Kindia, Conakry, Guinea as well as Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Mouminatou Camara

Mouminatou Camara

Mouminatou Camara founded Seewe African Dance Company in September 2005. Mouminatou is praised as the pre-eminent female instructor of Guinea dance in the United States. For a decade, she was the principal dancer for the world-renowned dance company, Les Ballet Africans. She also performed with Les Ballet Djonliba and the Army Ballet. A brilliant instructor and performer of West African Dance and Drum, Mouminatou Camara has performed and taught workshops extensively in the USA, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Martinique and the West African countries of Senegal, Mali and the Ivory Coast. Having spent her life in Guinea, Mouminatou has stated that she has been dancing since she was in her mother’s womb. Affectionately called “Moumi”, she brings first hand knowledge of the history of each dance and imparts that knowledge with great clarity and passion to her students. Her generosity as a teacher is matched by her attention to detail and historical relevance. Mouminatou Camara has received many awards and recognition for her unique style of dance, outstanding talent and for her work in the field of dance. Her popularity and skill as a performer and instructor made her the most sought after instructor at dance centers and festivals across the country.

Youssouf Koumbassa

Youssouf Koumbassa

Youssouf Koumbassa is a former artist of Ballet Djoliba, the National Ballet of Guinea. Born and raised in Guinea, West Africa, Youssouf began dancing at the age of six by studying and emulating the members of the National Ballet and the leading dancers of the many local and regional dance companies in Guinea. Youssouf’s father is from the Landuma people and his mother from the Baga/Susu people.

Youssouf traveled extensively throughout West Africa, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Korea, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Since moving to the United States twenty two years ago, Youssouf has established himself as the pre-eminent teacher of dance from Guinea, and now travels widely throughout the world as a much sought after master teacher at dance conferences, workshops, camps and schools. When at home in New York his classes are attended by a large and loyal following that are appreciative of his mercurial energy and grace.

Mohamed DaCostaMohamed DaCosta

Mohamed DaCosta was born and raised in the Boke region of Guinea, West Africa. Mr. DaCosta is a lecturer of cultural arts and traditions of West Africa. He is a traditional West African folklore dancer, musician instructor and choreographer.

Anita MacbethAnita Macbeth

As a Dancer and Dance Educator:  Anita Macbeth has been a dancer and dance educator for over 30 years. She is a native of New York, where she studied ballet, modern, jazz and African dance.  Ms. Macbeth danced with the Chuck Davis Dance Company and the Forces of Nature Dance Company.  As a dance instructor, she has taught and choreographed for several New York agencies and organizations including the Bronx Council of the Arts, New York Artists in the Schools Program, New York housing Authority and Community School Board No. 4 East Harlem Repertory Company.  Ms. Macbeth has been certified as a Broward County Recognized Teacher and is a member of the Broward County Teachers Guild. She currently teaches in the Broward County, Florida school system at Bethune Elementary School of the Arts and at the Arts Academy of Hollywood.  Anita’s African dance classes combine elements of Catherine Dunham, Primus and African influences that are strongly rooted in the techniques today.  Her style and cultural based elements are well renown in the Florida area. Anita has a simple mastery of conveying technique to beginners and advanced alike.

Specialist Areas

As a Yoga Instructor: Anita Macbeth has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga to children and adults for over 6 years.  Ms. Macbeth offers a gentle and therapeutic form of yoga that integrates hatha yoga; primary ashtanga yoga, vinyasa and the free flow of yoga movements combined with music and dance.  Ms. Macbeth has studied yoga with Dharma Mittra, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rae, Yogi Hari, Baron Baptiste, Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Ana Forrest, Sean Corn, Lilias Folan, Mary Schroder and Jullian Hall.   Anita Macbeth has completed 200 hour teaching certification in Hatha yoga, and a 200 hour teaching certification in the primary series of Ahstanga yoga, which includes; teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, ethics and yoga life style.  Under the direction of Doug Swenson Ms. Macbeth completed an 8-hour holistic teaching-training course called “Soothing Touch” which entails all aspects of the practice and application of Power Ashtanga and classic soft form Hatha Yoga.  Ms Macbeth completed 30 hour teacher certification training in Yoga Ed and Yoga Tools for teachers.  Ms. Macbeth completed 200 hour course study and teacher training in Hatha Yoga at the Aananda Inc. in August 9th, 2008.

As an Aromatherapy A-Cam Practitioner:  Anita Macbeth provides an awareness of chemical to products, chemical to illness relation and suggests alternative non-toxic product replacement.  Ms. Macbeth offers custom blending of medicinal grade essential oils for specific medicinal conditions, skin problems and other ailments.  As an aromatherapy A-cam practioner, Ms. Macbeth does not prescribe, diagnose, nor cure.  Ms Macbeth educates and advises on the best non-toxic approach to health care and maintenance.    Ms. Macbeth offers products for non-medicinal needs as well.

Derron LinyearDerron Linyear

Derron Bryce Linyear is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has studied percussion since the age of 5, beginning with Church and family events and expanding to Jazz, Swing Choir, Orchestra, Hip-Hop, Drumline, Marching Band and Samba School competitions.

Derron was introduced to the Djembe in 2006 and since then he has studied with Saidou Ba Camara, Moussa Soumare, Matthew Hill,  Fode Seydou Bangora, M’Bemba Bangoura,  Mamadouba “Mito” Camara,  Mamadouba “Mohamed” Camara,  Mory Fofana, Adboulaye Diallo, Aboubacar Amo Soumah, Eric “Bli-Bi” Gore, and Fode “Lavia” Camara.

His study of the Djembe has been complemented by performances with Afrikan Drum and Melody Inc, SASA African Dance, Ballet Brika, FAKOLY Drum Ensemble (2009, 2010) and a host of community-based organizations.  He has been a dedicated member of Delou Africa Dance Ensemble and Delou Africa Inc. since 2009. He believes that West African Music and Dance has no boundaries and provides an important link to our ancestors and cultural traditions.