C.C.O.D. Award – 2012

Delou Cultural Community Outreach Development (CCOD) Award

The C.C.O.D. Award was created at the inagural African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida in 2010. It is awarded to individuals, organizations and or businesses that demonstrate Delou Africa, Inc’s mission to bridge cultural gaps and preserve African culture through artistic education and provide children and adults of the diverse community the opportunity for expression, growth and appreciation in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis
A Living Legend

Chuck DavisSpanning four decades of dance is the incomparable and dynamic Dr. Chuck Davis. “Baba Chuck” has become a living legend. With his many accolades from honorary doctorates, to the proclamations from the many different cities and states around the world, he remains one of our most beloved and honored treasures.

Founder and Artistic Director of:

  • The Chuck Davis Dance Company
  • DanceAfrica America
  • The Cultural Arts Safari
  • The African American Dance Ensemble

A master dancer, world traveler, teacher, instructor, friend and benefactor and protector for many underserved and often neglected communities, Dr. Davis brings the joy of the dance, the excitement of the rhythm and the intensity of humanity to everything he does.

Recognized as one of the foremost and accomplished choreographers and teachers in the traditional techniques of African dance styles, Dr. Davis has been guest choreographer for a variety of venues and companies throughout the United States and abroad.

Dr. Davis is the founder of DanceAfrica America, which was created to celebrate traditional dance styles from Africa as preserved on these shores. DanceAfrica, is still directed by Dr. Davis, and is celebrated in Brooklyn, New York; Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; and Dallas, Texas.

Refusing to become one of those who forget, Dr. Davis constantly reminds us all that we are standing, marching, kneeling and existing by the grace and will of the Merciful Creator and to give true reverence to the creator, is to NOT forget the warriors of the past, and the Elders of today.

Constantly teaching and creating is the legend that is Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis.  He continues to serve the community and to represent all mankind for the benefit of mankind–showing and living, Peace! Love! Respect! For Everybody!