2013 Festival Artists

Dance Instructors

Moustapha Bangoura
Moustapha Bangoura / Republic of Guinea

Moustapha Bangoura was born in 1955 in Conakry, the capital city of Guinea. He is a 22-year veteran of the largest and most celebrated dance company from the continent of Africa – Les Ballets Africains The internationally acclaimed master dancer, drummer, and choreographer has traveled the globe bringing the colorful musical performance traditions of his homeland to audiences worldwide. Moustapha’s mission is to continue to share his expertise while preserving the richness and authenticity of the culture. He is recognized for his thorough and charismatic technique that is deeply rooted in tradition.Moustapha Bangoura currently resides in Chicago, where he is Artistic Director with Le Bagatae Dance and Drum Ensemble, and he is also choreographer for Legends of West Africa. He continues to travel and share his knowledge and expertise of traditional dance and drum with students throughout the world. For information about Moustapha please visit

Marie Basse
Marie Basse-Wiles / Senegal

Born in Dakar, Senegal, with family ties in Mali, Marie Basse-Wiles is known for her graceful moves and keen wisdom of the traditions of djembe, kutiro and sabar dances. In her career she has toured world-wide with renowned dance companies including Ballet National of Senegal and Koumpo Dance Company. In 1983, Marie Basse-Wiles founded the Maimouna Keita School of African Dance, which hosts the largest and longest-running African dance conference in New York City.

Mouminatou Camara
Mouminatou Camara / Republic of Guinea

Mouminatou Camara is an Artistic Director/Choreographer who founded Seewe African Dance Company in September 2005. Mouminatou is praised as the pre-eminent female instructor of Guinea dance in the United States. For a decade, she was the principal dancer for the world-renowned dance company, Les Ballet Africans. She also performed with Les Ballet Djonliba and the Army Ballet. A brilliant instructor and performer of West African Dance and Drum, Mouminatou Camara has performed and taught workshops extensively in the USA, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Martinique and the West African countries of Senegal, Mali and the Ivory Coast. Having spent her life in Guinea, Mouminatou has stated that she has been dancing since she was in her mother’s womb. Affectionately called “Moumi”, she brings first hand knowledge of the history of each dance and imparts that knowledge with great clarity and passion to her students. Her generosity as a teacher is matched by her attention to detail and historical relevance. Mouminatou Camara has received many awards and recognition for her unique style of dance, outstanding talent and for her work in the field of dance. Her popularity and skill as a performer and instructor makes her the most sought after instructor at dance centers and festivals across the country.

Mohamed DaCosta
Mohamed DaCosta / Guinea

Mohamed DaCosta was born in Boké, Guinea,he is currently a Senior Lecturer/Choreographer in African Performing  Arts in the School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Florida . Mr. DaCosta speaks English, French, Fulani, Wolof, Mandinko, and Susu. He has served as a choreographer for the African Ballet of Gambia and performed with the company from 1980 to 1985. In 1996, he performed across Europe as featured drummer with Culture Movement, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense.  The internationally renowned Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble has also featured Mr. DaCosta in performance. As a three-time University of Florida Center for World Arts artist-in-residence, Mr. DaCosta has used his exceptional command of West African performance traditions and engaging teaching persona to develop appreciation of West African culture at the University of Florida, New World School of the Arts, Santa Fe Community College, and in the greater communities of Florida and North Carolina.  Mr. DaCosta’s abiding warmth, vitality and artistry are an inspiration to students, fellow artists, community members and audiences of all backgrounds.  For more information on Mohamed please visit his page on Facebook:

Chuck Davis
Baba Chuck Davis / USA

Baba Chuck Davis is the Founder and Artistic Director of the African American Dance Ensemble and the New York based DanceAfrica. Throughout his studies, he has earned a reputation as one of the best teachers and accomplished choreographers in the traditional techniques of African dance. Since 1984, he has nurtured and led his Ensemble on a course to become one of the premier dance companies of any kind touring the nation today. You can find additional information about Dr. Davis at :

Tawanna Dobson
Tawanna Dobson / USA

TAWANNA DOBSON (Miami, FL) started dancing at an early age at The Edwin Holland School of Dance; she continued her training there under the instruction of Mr. Edwin Holland & Mrs. Gaile Holland.  Ms. Dobson is the Co-Owner of Next Generation Dance Academy, and there she teaches, ballet, tap, jazz, and zumba to a range of students ages 3 to adult.  Tawanna is a certified zumba Instructor and enjoys sharing her gift and love for dance with her students.

Babacar Ndiaye
Babacar Ndiaye / Senegal

Babacar Ndiaye was born in Dakar, Senegal, where he was a principal dancer for the National Dance Company of Senegal and the Diamono African Ballet. He has choreographed and performed professionally for more than fifteen years. He has dazzled presidents, dignitaries and audiences all over the world with his high energy and superb dancing style, and the tradition continues today. He is a multitalented artist and choreographer who travels nationally and internationally, providing brilliant instruction in African dance, music and song. For eight years he served as founder and Artistic Director of Return to Goree African Dance Company located in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been featured in the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper, and the Baltimore Times. One of the outstanding features of his instruction is that he also teaches traditional African songs in numerous West African languages. Babacar has conducted workshops in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Vermont, New York City, Cleveland, and Detroit, among others. Babacar is a young Master Dancer whose style and creativity has made him revered by his colleagues, statesmen, and dance enthusiasts alike. Babacar N’Diaye is a marvel to watch and a pleasure to witness. For more information about Babcar N’Diaye please visit

Neri Torres
Neri Torres / Cuba

Neri Torres was born in Havana, Cuba, Neri arrived to the USA in 1991. Her training includes ballet, modern, Afro-Cuban, Latin dance, Yoga, Contact Improvisation and Alexander Technique. Torres studied contemporary dance at Havana’s Instituto Superior de Artes and holds and MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a minor in film.

Neri Torres is the founder and artistic director of IFE-ILE Afro-Cuban Dance Company and IFE-ILE’s annual Afro-Cuban Dance Festival. Neri has performed and choreographed for numerous national and international events including the Super Bowl, the Latin Grammies and the Latin Billboard Awards as part of Gloria Estefan’s Evolution World Tour, The Millenium Tour and 90 Millas. She has worked in the movies For Love or Country with Andy Garcia and Charles Dutton, El Florida directed by Bill Tek and The Lost City directed by Andy Garcia, which she also choreographed. As a leader in Miami’s arts and community culture, her various awards include a Proclamation by the City of Miami and a Fellowship and Certificate of Artistic Merit from the State of Florida. At present, Neri teaches at Miami Dade College and the University of the West Indies in Barbados.

Drum Instructors

Fode Moussa Camara
Fode Moussa Camara / Republic of Guinea

Fodé Moussa Camara was born into an artistic family in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. His musical talent was discovered at the early age of five, at which time he began his formal training with instruments of the Djembe, Doundoun, Sangban, and Kenkeni orchestra. He was called a prodigy by his teachers, claimed leading roles, and attained a featured artist status in a myriad of productions. Camara started his own company Wona Womalan West African Drum and Dance Ensemble located  in Charleston, SC. His company educates about West African history and culture and brings the knowledge and compassion to numerous schools and communities through performance, workshops and residencies. For information about Fodé Moussa Camara please visit his website

Mamadouba Mohamed Camara
Mamadouba “Mohamed” Camara / Republic of Guinea

Mamadouba “Mohamed” Camara was born in the Kindia region of the West African country of Guinea. Kindia, known for it’s deep rich naturally dyed indigo cloth, was where Camara spent his first days listening and learning about the djembe drum. Camara is of the SuSu ethnic tribe.  Today, Camara is a brilliantly talented, exceptionally knowledgeable West African percussionist. Nationally and internationally, Mamadouba Mohamed Camara rises to the top of the African Drum scene, locally and abroad. Raised and groomed in the Guinea, Conakry Maatam artist district, Conakry boasts pure African music artistry. Camara, as a youth, sought out the drum Masters of Maatam, preferring to spend his days in the shadows of the National Ballet auditions and rehearsals and his nights (against the wishes of his mother), at the local  DounDounbas; traditional street festivals, where the very best showed off their talents and strength as the dancers and drummers. Today, Mamadouba Mohamed Camara offers dynamic drum workshops, intensive residencies and explosive performances in traditional and authentic West African Drum and Folklore. Recently, Camara has risen to the top of this musical genre and has been dubbed the “Master of Masters” on the Djembe Drum.  On the African continent, Camara has studied, performed and taught in the regions of Boffa, Boke, Forecariah, Kindia, Conakry, Guinea as well as Cote De Voir, Ivory Coast. You can find Mamadouba “Mohammad” Camara on facebook at:

Samba Cisse
Samba Cisse / Senegal

Samba Cisse is the artistic director of Silimbo D’Adeane West African Dance and Drum Company. He began his formal training as a drummer with Ballet D’Afrique Noire in Dakar, Senegal. A master of djembe, sabar, doundoun and sehourouba drums, he currently performs with the Superpowers, (formerly the Boston Afrobeat Society) and SambaLolo.  More information can be found about Samba Cisse at

Ibrahima Dioubate
Ibrahima Dioubate / Republic of Guinea

Ibrahima Dioubate was born In Guinea, West  Africa.  His lineage is Griot (oral  historians) and all his family members are musicians and singers.  He has been playing the balafon since he was seven years old along with the Doundoun, Bolon, Krin, Bote and other traditional instruments.   Ibrahima is a former member of Troupe Fatalla in the city of Conakry and Tempo Rhythmic directed by Mor Cire.  He was the featured balafonist for the Gambia National Troupe and the Ballet Bougarabou in Senegal.  Ibrahima managed and  made balafons for his factory in Gambia.  In Gambia he also had a music school  called Sanyakunda and another in Senegal, called Karamba experience. He taught the Balafon, Doundoun Drum and other percussion instruments to people from Germany, England, Japan, United  States and other foreign countries.  Ibrahima traveled with the company Ballet Bougarabou from Senegal. He  is  currently the music and historical consultant for Delou Africa Dance Ensemble  where he teaches traditional West African  music.  Ibrahima created Delou Fatala in  February 2006.  Delou is a Wolof word from Senegal, West Africa meaning,  “return  to” and Fatala means “village”.  He is a member of Nag  Champayons – Afro Caribbean Fusion group.  His aspirations are to educate, enlighten and teach traditional West African music. Ibrahima believes that music is the universal language that unifies different cultures.  You can find out more about Ibrahima at:

Nko Fallou Small
Nko Fallou Small / Senegal

Nko Fallou Small was born into a world of African and Caribbean music and dance. At the age of five. He began his training on Djembe under the direction of Fatou N’Diaye learning traditional music. He continuing his studies at Boston Arts Academy where he improved his knowledge of reading music and classical percussion, as a sophomore he was invited to play with Boston Arts Academy Charlie Brown blues band.  He continued his Djembe knowledge playing in the family dance company Silimbo D’ Adeane. As a teen he was mentored by Senegalese, Malian, and Guinean artists such as Djembefola’s Lansana Diabate, Samba “pape” Cisse, Kissima Diabate, Sidi “Joh” Camara, Mohammad Kalifa Camara, Lamine Toure and the list goes on. By this time Fallou had picked up several West African instruments and studied them intensely. Currently Nko Fallou is working with his own group, Troupe Fall with Senegalese and Malian influence.

Aboubacar Amo Soumah
Aboubacar “Amo” Soumah / Republic of Guinea

Aboubacar “Amo” Soumah was born and raised in Guinea, ConakryWest Africa. He first discovered his love for his country’s traditional music at the age of eight. Amo hails from the popular Guinean dance and drum company Gbassikolo. Since arriving in the United States in June of 2006, he has been a well sought after performer by companies such as Borenya (Columbia, SC) ,Balafon Ensemble (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania), and African carribean Dance Theater (Tallahassee, FL). “Amo” currently resides in Gainesville, FL and works with Master Instructor Mohamed Dacosta at University of Florida. You can find more info about Amo at:!bio

Alya Sylla
Alya Sylla / Republic of Guinea

Alya Sylla was born April 22, 1985 in the village of Bromaya Coumbaya in Guinea, West Africa. Alya began playing djembe and balafon when he was five years old.  He studied under several masters in Guinea, and was a part of many ballets.  He started his training with Ballet Fareta, and was also in Ballet Samato, and Papa Kouyate’s company, Petit Sorcier.  He has traveled and performed with these ballets in Africa, as well as Europe. He has also played with famous Guinea artists like Sia Tolno.  Alya came to the United States in December of 2009. He is now teaching, studying, and performing with Fara Tolno and the Kissidugu Ensemble.

Aboubacar Sylla
Aboubacar Sylla / Republic of Guinea

Aboubacar Sylla grew up in a Griot (oral historian) musical family where all his family members are musicians and singers. Abou has been playing instruments from a very young age.  He is a master drummer of many styles including Djembe, Doundoun, Krin (slit log drum), Bote, and many others as well as mastering the Balafon (West African xylophone).  He is a very accomplished musician and performer, recently finishing a 5 year tour with Les Ballets Africains, the premier West African ballet from Guinea. Abou currently  resides in Austin Texas where he perfects his art form by teaching, performing and giving back to his community.

Lamine Toure
Lamine Toure / Senegal

Lamine Touré  is widely recognized as one of Senegal’s leading percussionists.  Born into a griot family of sabar drummers, Lamine Touré has been drumming since the age of four, performing with his family troupe at weddings, baptisms, and dance events.  Former percussionist for Nder et le Setsima Group, Touré now leads the Afro-mbalax band, Group Saloum.  He is currently artist-in-residence at MIT where he leads the MIT Senegalese drum ensemble Rambax, and also teaches sabar drum and dance classes in the Boston area. For more information, visit.

Shekere Instructor

Sheila Alexander
Sheila Alexander / USA

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Sheila studied dance with Arthur Hall’s Afro-American Dance Ensemble at Ile Ife in Philadelphia. She is a former member of Spirit African Dance Ensemble(Phila.), Diaspora African Dance Ensemble(Phila.), Mundo Vibe(Miami), and Takada(Miami). Sheila began studying djembe in 1998 with Andre Crosby (of Trinidad & Tobago) then focused on studying the doundoun with Crosby and Master drummer Eric Bli Bi Gore (Ivory Coast, West Africa). Her other teachers include Master drummer Mohamed Camara, Mominatu Camara, and Matthew Hill (former Music Dir. Delou Africa Dance Ensemble). Currently Sheila plays doundoun with Delou Africa Dance Ensemble (Dir. Njeri Plato Dioubate), Venus Rising (Dir. Zeva Soroker), and Children of Kuumba (Dir. Anita Macbeth). She is also an accompanist for Urgent Inc’s. Annual Rites of Passage Program (Youth Empowerment Program), and the Miami Dade School’s Rites of Passage Program. Sheila believes in the spiritual energy evoked by the drums and feels she is honoring the spirit of the ancestors who played the drums before her. Sheila’s goal is to continue to study, create and share this powerful and uplifting music.

Yoga & Children’s Village

Anita Macbeth
Anita Macbeth / USA

Anita Macbeth, a native of N.Y, has been a dancer and dance educator for over 17 years. With a background in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and African Dance, Anita danced with the Chuck Davis Dance Company as well as Forces of Nature Dance Company. She participated in an international cultural exchange tour in Europe, performed in PBS Reading Rainbow, Black Dance in America and attended an educational tour of dance and music in the Gambia, West Africa. As a dance instructor she has taught and choreographed for N.Y.S. organizations such as the Bronx Council of the Arts, New York Artist in the Schools Program, New York City Housing Authority and Community School Board #4 East Harlem Repertory Company.

Mrs. Macbeth currently teaches for Broward County School Board, Bethune Elementary school of visual and performing arts as well as The Academy of Dance in Hollywood FL. Macbeth is in the process of incorporating Re-create-n-Move a children’s dance group, as well as a network of adult dancers and musicians who are knowledgeable in African and Caribbean music and dance. She shares her extensive experience and grace in African dance with the Delou Africa Dance Ensemble.

Aboubacar Camara
Aboubacar “Lil Abou” Camara / USA

Aboubacar Camara was born in Kingston, NY. Aboubacar is 14 years old and has been studying and playing the djembe since the tender age of 1. Abou has a passion for traditional West African music he is learning the balong, krin and balafon along with other instruments. Abou has been fortunate to be raised by his father Mamadouba “Mohamed” Camara, a world renowned musician. He has been honored with the opportunity to play on stage with Les Ballet Africains when they toured the United States in 2006. Abou plays for local dance classes in his community and visits festivals around the United States. He has been a guest artist with the African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival of Florida since their inaugural in 2010.

Akosua Kiah Graham
Akosua Kiah Graham / USA

Akosua Kiah L. Graham, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, began studying African dance in 1995 under the direction and guidance of Marcus Robinson as a member of Orchesis Contemporary Dance Theater at Florida A&M University.  Ms. Graham continued her journey in African dance with the African Caribbean Dance Theater (ACDT), under the direction of Marcus and Jevelle Robinson,  from 1996 to 2000.  As she became a principal dancer in ACDT, she was given the opportunity to choreograph and teach African dances and songs not only with ACDT, but other dance companies and community organizations in the southeast.

In order to develop a more holistic approach to African dance, Ms. Graham began learning how to play the djun djun, songba, and kenkeni drums from a Master Drummer, Carlson “Stone” Montgomery in 1998.  Through learning how to play these African drums, she was able to fully make the connection between the dancers, drummers, and rhythms that bring them together. In 2005 Ms. Graham became one of the teachers and choreographers of African dance at Prophecy School of the Arts.  She also choreographed dances and created costumes for their annual concerts.

Ms. Graham continues to study with great teachers in order to increase her knowledge and skills in African dance.  Some of these teachers include:  Suquan Diop, Kwame Ross, Yousouff Koumbassa, Judith Samuels, Assane Konte, Mouminatou Camara, Kadiatou Camara, Nzinga Metzger, and Kofi Mawuko.  Through her intense studies she has learned dances, songs, and rhythms from Guinea, Mali, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, Ghana, Brazil, Cuba and Haiti.

CK Ladzekpo
CK Ladzekpo / Ghana

CK Ladzekpo, PhD, is the director of the African music program at the University of California, Berkeley. His is a distinguished career as a performer, choreographer, composer, teacher and published scholar in the African performing arts. He is a member of a renowned family of African musicians and dancers who traditionally serve as lead drummers and composers among the Anlo-Ewe people of southeastern Ghana in West Africa. He has been a lead drummer and instructor with the Ghana National Dance Ensemble, the University of Ghana’s Institute of African Studies and the Arts Council of Ghana. He joined the music faculty of the University of California Berkeley in 1973 and continues to be an influential catalyst of the African perspective in the performing arts. Awards include two choreographers’ fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, Irvine Choreographer’s Fellowship and the Ruth Beckford Extraordinary People in Dance Award. He has been a member of the faculty council of the East Bay Center for Performing Arts since 1974. 2013 will mark the his 6th season as an artistic director of the Dance / USA annual conference  Additional information about CK can be found here

Fernando Moraes / Brazil
Fernando Moraes / Brazil

Founder, Yoshiko Taiko Drumming Dojo and President Sincronia USA, Inc

  • Percussionist , composer , arranger and music instructor
  • Berklee college of music 1978 – 1982.
  • Transamerica studios , Sao Paulo – Brazil 1983-1984.
  • Musician (drummer) for many artists in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo – Brazil from EMI – ODEON records, POLYGRAM – POLYDOR records, CBS – SONY music records , RCA – BMG – ARIOLA records , WARNER BROS. records, GLOBO – SOM LIVRE records , COPACABANA records and FERMATA records from 1984-1995.
  • Taiko drumming studies with Seiichi Tanaka and Etsuo Hongo 1997.
  • Taiko drumming studies with Yoshiko Cane 1998.
  • Taiko drummer 1999-2013.

Concert Guest Performing Groups

Delou Africa Dance Ensemble, Inc.
Delou Africa Dance Ensemble, Inc.

Delou Africa Dance Ensemble, Inc. was established by Njeri Plato in 1987.

D.A.D.E  preserves,  educate  and showcase  the rich traditions of Africa through cultural artistic expression.  “DELOU”  is a Wolof word from Senegal West Africa that means “back to,” or “return to.”

D.A.D.E. is an artistic collective including drummers/musicians, storytellers, and dancers that work and perform together as an ensemble.  Our artists are seasoned performers and perform and teach locally and internationally.  Our performers wear Traditional and Vibrant costumes. They  perform West African dance, drum and music techniques   which are rich with energy, talent, excitement, and passion,  that can captivate any audience.

D.A.D.E. aspires to continue growing creatively, artistically, spiritually and morally through the history and traditions of cultures.

Delou Africa Dance Ensemble, Inc. is a Resident Artist at the Little Haiti Cultural Center


Ibrahima Dioubate is a griot from Guinea West Africa who  established Fatala in 2006. Fatala is a traditional West African folklore music and dance group, inspired by, a song and music composer from Guinea by the name of Conte Fode. Fatala means “village/River spoken by the Sousou people of Guinea.  The group Fatala plays traditional instruments like balafon, coura, krin, gongouma, balong, djembe, doundoun, bote and shekere. Fatala  aspires to unify different cultures through the universal language of  world music.

Children of Kuumba
Children of Kuumba

Children of Kuumba
Anita Macbeth, Director
Chipo Baker-Afamefuna
954 433-1593

“Children of Kuumba” is a children’s cultural dance and theater ensemble established from Recreate and Move, under the direction of Anita Macbeth and Chipo Baker-Afamefuna.   Our purpose: “Preserving the culture through the arts”.  Children of Kuumba has performed at numerous venues throughout Broward, Miami and Palm Beach counties namely: The African American Research Library, The Old Dillard Museum, Florida International Events sponsored by Ife IIe, Harambee Inc., The Arts Academy of Hollywood, The City of Hollywood “Kuumba Fest” and “Love Fest”, the annual “Caribbean Soul Celebration”, Mardi Gras Fiesta Tropical, and Aventura’s annual Arts and Craft Festival.  Our collaborative works include:

  • Delou Africa Dance ensemble’s annual dance concert at The Sunrise Civic Center and the Little Haiti Cultural Center
  • Venus Rising Music and Dance Ensemble

The world renowned “Sweet Honey and the Rock” requested Children of Kuumba open their performance on Hollywood Beach, which was a memorable performance.  Children of Kuumba presented “In Honor of our Elders and the Baobao Tree”, at the opening ceremonies for the City of Hollywood’s Arts Park where we now reside and have company rehearsals and offer dance and drumming classes.

Weiseland "Yanui" Cesar,
Weiseland “Yanui” Cesar / Haiti

Weiselande “Yanui” Cesar was born in Haiti, Port-au-Prince. Yanui has been dancing for over eighteen years. Ms. Cesar profoundly enjoys teaching, her other passion. She holds degrees in Theater, Exceptional Student Education and a specialist in Educational Leadership from Barry University. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Human Services at Walden University. Ms. Cesar is the founder of the not-for-profit organization, Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, Inc. which focuses on maintaining a positive image of the Haitian culture through art, music, dance and literature. Moreover, Ms. Cesar is the proud mother of three beautiful children. Her latest work includes the published books “The Colors We Feel” and “Loving Thyself: Discovering the Spirit Within” with XLibris. Ms. Cesar has also served as the assistant director of dance for Sosyete Koukouy, Inc., and choreographed several pieces for school functions throughout Miami Dade County. Furthermore, she collaboratively contributed to some artists’ recordings, such as Nil Lara, serving as background vocalist. Ms. W. “Yanui” Cesar holds a lifetime membership with Cambridge Who’s Who. She is currently teaching Afro Haitian dance at PAN Performing Artists Network on Saturdays and at Little Haiti Cultural Center on Fridays.

Nantambu / USA

A native Floridian, N Abdul-Ahota is a beat poet/percussionist currently living in West Palm Beach. Nantambu fronts the NUCLEAR WORDHEADS Poets & Players of Instruments. The first CD from the quartet is in mid production and presents an eclectic blend of poetry, music and song combinations. The Dancer is a piece of poetic theatre, with the drama of dance added to the mix. By chance, the poem was actually inspired by the Delou Africa Dance Ensemble  company experience. The music and dance each are original current urban interpretations of ancient African roots.

Venus Rising
Venus Rising

Venus Rising is a multi-ethnic and multi-generational women’s drum and dance ensemble dedicated to creating works that uplift and inspire. We strive to empower individuals to break barriers by celebrating diversity through rhythm and movement. This talented group of women explore traditional African, Brazilian, Caribbean & Middle-Eastern rhythms and movements while simultaneously creating original fusion performance pieces. Combining fiery rhythms and mesmerizing dance choreographies, our performances encourage audiences to delight in the power and beauty of women.
Web site:

Wona Womalan
Wona Womalan

Wona Womalan West African Drum & Dance Ensemble honors the authentic integrity of West African musical arts. Wona Womalan shares its knowledge and appreciation of this beautiful and ancient tradition by bringing the music and dance of Africa to people of all ages.

Fode Moussa Camara, Master Drummer, and Folklorist founded Wona Womalan West African Drum & Dance Ensemble in 2009. The company, based in Charleston, South Carolina, is comprised of 15 drummers and dancers. The members of Wona Womalan play traditional West African instruments including djembe, Doundoun, sangban, and kenkeni. The music is influenced by traditional Guinean rhythms but our style is distinctive, especially our all female Dun-Dun (bass drum) section. The music is energetic and performances are interactive. The pulse of the music speaks to everyone because it contains elements of life common to all people.

The ensemble has performed at numerous events such as Florida African Dance Festival, Piccolo Spoleto, SC, Gibbs Museum, SC and numerous schools, weddings, cultural events and their very own Annual “Be Fit” Through West African Drum & Dance Conference.